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ZENS’s Environmentally-friendly Products

ZENS’s Environmentally-friendly Products for a Better Future

The legendary designer, Dieter Rams, highly valued environmental friendliness, which he regarded as one of the ten commandments for good design.

“Good design shall preserve the co-existing and mutual-beneficial relation between the environment and human. It shall be socially and environmentally responsible. Design shall improve the world, even just a little.”


The design community is paying greater attention to environmental protection than previously. The German iF Product Design Award, which is often regarded as the Academy Awards for designers, considers environmental protection as one of the significant factors in its ranking criteria. Lifestyle and fashion fair MAISON & OBJET Paris, one of the three largest exhibitions in Europe, presents the Fil Vert “Green” itinerary, and invites an independent panel of journalists to select “eco-deco products” praiseworthy for environmental protection.

As an Eastern lifestyle brand and iF Award recipient, ZENS has been selected through a critical process and is set to enter the MAISON & OBJET Paris Expo for the second time.

ZENS is committed to provide consumers all over the world with products that adhere to the principles of “good design” given to us by Dieter Rams.

Ultimate Usability is Saving

As an emerging home design brand, ZENS always adheres to three core design principles of “Simplicity, Imagination, and Contemporary”.

Editing out that which is expendable and unnecessary, we simplify a product to the shape, size, and texture necessary for its intended use. With the spark of inventiveness, we work to achieve ultimate functionality and provide consumers with and unexpected experience that prevents over-consumption and wastefulness. In this, we strive to achieve sustainability and always be environmentally conscious.

Eco-friendly Materials Burnish the Design

While preserving product features, ZENS uses appropriate eco-friendly materials as much as possible, including sustainable bamboo, renewable and naturally degradable glass stone, and biodegradable food-grade PP materials. We hope to always reduce our impact on nature and prevent the waste of resources we believe are essential to our responsibility as a brand.

Extract Shuttle: Teapot with Bamboo Sleeve showcases the heat-shielding, weaved bamboo, a unique feature that is regarded as cultural heritage of China.

The perfect combination of natural bamboo and gentle white porcelain embodies a long history and contains whole-hearted craftsmanship. The bamboo sleeve is made of natural, eco-friendly, and renewable bamboo, which is safe and healthy. It is woven by hand, adding an element of human warmth while reducing pollution caused by industrial manufacturing.

The Splash Tea Tray features a base made of melamine and bamboo fiber that is environment-friendly. This material is durable, lightweight and easy to clean. Stains are easy to remove during use, and it will naturally degrade upon being discarded. This pollution-free attribute speaks of its practicability and sustainability.

Bamboo is labeled as a sustainable, eco-friendly material for its ability to regenerate and recover quickly, as well as for being biodegradable.

It is for these features that the designer, Michael Young, in cooperation with ZENS LIFESTYLE, showcases bamboo in his new series of light fixtures.

By smoothing away the problem of its flexibility, he pioneered the utilization of this environment-friendly material for lamp stands, realizng our conviction for environmental protection. During its production process, each piece is made with bamboo from Anji County in eastern China, a place famous for its eco-environment and bamboo.

During its production, there are only a few necessary industrial techniques used in order to retain its natural grain and a smooth touch.

The Contra Series of kitchenware features surfaces consisting of both gloss and matte finishes that complement each other for a striking appearance. The openings of each piece is uniformly designed to turn slightly inward that reminds us of a budding tulip. These unexpected element work in concert to bring a sense of unity and wholeness to your home.

Michael Young combines woven bamboo with delicate bone china in a novel manner to create a remarkable fruit basket. The achievement of this Nesting series was only realized through overcoming the difficulties faced by perforating the porcelain and manually weaving bamboo filaments through delicate holes. Breaking through the limitations presented by the materials and technology, this series is indeed a precious rarity.

With a deeper understanding of the impact humans have on the environment, ZENS attaches greater importance to environmental protection in the processes of design and production. We strive to “make the best use of everything” in design, use eco-friendly materials in production, and strictly implement the authoritative standards of detection and verification of Société Générale de Surveillance (SGS).

Each of our products has been modified and tested multiple times to keep to our mission of sustainable development.

On October 14, 2016, Zens participated in the Brussels Summit of the World Green Design Forum and obtained a World Green Design Organization Certificate.

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