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ZENS and Environmental Responsibility

ZENS and Environmental Responsibility – Michael Young Collection

While we hope that environmental responsibility is the mission of every company, we believe that for home and lifestyle brands, it should be a primary interest that is actively pursued in all aspects of design and production.

Our designers take this mission to heart in all of their work by developing products that increase the use of natural products and while decreasing waste from production.

This year has seen the release of the new collection by Michael Young, an incredible designer who has ingeniously incorporated nature and biodegradable materials into his work. The Bamboo Lamp series is a prime example of his thoughtful design.

This simple series of hanging and floor lamps was not first drawn out on paper; rather it began in Anji, a small town northwest of Hangzhou known as the homeland of bamboo in China. Here, over 12 million poles of bamboo are produced every year for commercial use. These natural bamboo groves grow in a pollution free area, making the perfect eco-friendly material for the green products that have increased in popularity over the last few decades.

The Michael Young Lamp Collection starts in Anji with the careful selection of bamboo poles that meet the stringent requirements. Most bamboo is passed over in order to maintain an efficient process that sees less production waste. The bamboo is then matched with metal fittings, wiring and the bell-shaped glass shades to complete the product.

Though it may seem simple, it is the meticulous selection and attention to detail that allows us to produce environmentally-friendly and sustainable green products.

The Nesting Fruit Basket

Exploring the use and integration of natural, environmentally-friendly materials, Michael Young has crafted a series of tableware with a pairing that is quite unexpected. This series is a great example of how a simple idea can be transformed into something inspiring.

Porcelain has been one of the most widely used materials in tableware for hundred of years, and you will find it readily in almost every home and kitchen today. Bamboo has been used in kitchens quite a bit longer, though its popularity in western counties is a more recent development.

The Nesting Fruit basket is the convergence of two these two materials.

Uniquely designed, the biodegradable bamboo filament is woven, just as in traditional kitchenware, into the porcelain whose upper edge is perforated.

The base of the bowl adheres to contemporary, minimalist design, while the natural element of the bamboo rises to form a higher wall. This unity brings together the modern and traditional styles yet do not deviate from their traditional uses.

This timeless kitchenware is completely environmentally-friendly and stays to the roots of what ZENS stands for as a company.

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