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The Benefits of Mindfulness in Tea Drinking

Values are more important than ever. Over-consumption and convenience-based diets are common pitfalls to healthy habits, and the increasing pace and multi-tasking in our daily lives seems to pull us further away from the lifestyle we desire.

There are many reasons to take a breath and slow down. It allows us to find focus and appreciation in the little things and to decrease stress levels. At ZENS, we believe everyone should strive to make small changes that can improve our lives. We have found that the process of making and drinking tea not only refreshes our bodies but also our minds. The process of brewing tea, Gong Fu Cha, embraces the slowing of time, self-reflection, and momentary escape.


Gong Fu Cha, calls upon various human senses at each step – Observation, touch, smell, and taste. It is as much about brewing the tea as it is about drinking it. By focusing the 5 senses on each step in the tea ceremony, you are already beginning the process of reflection and escape. Placing a distance between you and your current situation, you can incrementally bring your focus back to the self and remain in the moment.

Next time you sit down for a cup of tea, pay attention to the leaves, appreciate its color, and take note of its aroma. If you are with friends, discuss these things and their origins; the degree of fermentation and roast. Admire how the leaves transform before and after brewing, and take note if the leaves change in size or reveal a different color.

This highly engaged process of drinking tea aims to help you slow down and feel the peace found in the moment.

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