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Sober Sake Set | Green


Small Green Glass Decanter
2 Sake Glasses
Pottery Base for Candle

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Small decanter of green glass sits on top of the pottery base where it can be warmed by a small candle. The 2 sake glasses feature a teardrop shape with a weighted base to give the feeling of being full as you slowly enjoy the warmth of the sake and then time with friends.

Additional information

Weight 1.3 kg
Dimensions 26.8 × 23.3 × 11.9 cm

Borosilicate glass, grey pottery


Flagon – 5.5oz/ 160ml
Cup – 1.4oz/ 40ml


Flagon – φ58x155mm
Temperature control container – φ102x92mm
Pot base – φ102x58mm
Cup – φ60x46mm
Coaster – 101x101x10mm
Towel- φ35x12mm

Package Content

Flagon x1
Temperature control container x1
Pot base x1
Cup x2
Coaster x1
Towel x1

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