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Legendary industrial designer Dieter Rams highly valued environmental friendliness, which he even regarded as one of the ten commandments for good design. “Good design shall preserve the co-existing and mutual-beneficial relation between the environment and human.
ZENS’s Environmentally-friendly Products for a Better Future
While we hope that environmental responsibility is the mission of every company, we believe that for home and lifestyle brands, it should be a primary interest.
ZENS and Environmental Responsibility - Michael Young’s Collection
Mr. Micheal Young the designer has been inspired by the natural scene of the sun shining on the bamboo and has, with the most concise design, epitomized the scene in this series of lamps.
The Production Process of MY Lamps
Made of a special Zisha clay, these pets need to be “fed” and in turn will change colour, becoming even deeper colour, and in some cases, cracking to let gold shine through. 
Tea Frog: A companion for your tea set
Mindful eating and drinking are ancient values in oriental culture. However, the stresses of modern life make these ancient values more important than ever. Over-consumption, and fast-consumption are common pitfalls in our day-to-day, and this is largely due to stress, and the multi-tasking lifestyle this century seems to call for.
The Benefits of Mindfulness in Tea Drinking
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