Meet ZENS Around the Corner
Release time: 01.16.2017

When Zens, a famous brand for everyday life utensils, advocates and promotes the wisdom of Oriental life,  it does not merely mean the restoration of antiquated things that have become history. Rather, it also hopes to bring about the most direct communication with the contemporary consumers so that they will take to the Oriental lifestyle in their own ways. This is probably the reason why Zens has been able to profoundly impressive consumers with different cultural backgrounds.


You find the Orient in the Occident 

On November 22, 2014, Zens Europe officially started to  service its customers by the side of the  canal at the city center of Holland's Amsterdam, a famous art, design and innovation metropolis.


@ Cafe paulette


▲Address: 1st Floor, GALERIES LAFAYETTE , 40, Boulevard Haussmann, 75009, Paris, France

Galeries Lafayette, which is closely adjacent to the Palais Garnier, lies in the commercial center of Paris, where shoppers come and go in an endless stream. Cafe Paulette is housed on the first floor of the building, frequented by the locals as one of the most favorite tea shops. The Zens' Lotus & Fish Series, its Ice Extraction Pot, its T41 and other products available here are most popular with their customers.


Bamboo Tray & Flower Tea & Extraxct Coffee Cups 


Bamboo Tray & Glass Coaster 

In June 2015, Zens started its debut on the T stage at Italy's Milan, the international fashion capital, officially settling down in la Rinascente, the top Italian department store, an event indicating that the Oriental life is now also at the top end of the trend.

La Rinascente

blob.png▲ La Rinascente is a top-level department store with a history of more than 100 year and is extensively regarded as the most luxury and most avant-courier of its kind in Italy.

Lotus & Fish 2.0                                                                     Classic Mug Series

In October 2015, Zens began to continuously bring the wisdom of the Oriental life to Inno, a department store based in Belgium's Brussels, a well-known European tourist attraction. 



▲ The Inno Department Store represents the only local brand in Brussels, with a history of more than 70 years and 16 branch offices.

Zens in Switherland

@ Dam Theine Tea shop  



▲Address: 35 rue St Jose*ph 1227 Carouge, Switherland

The Dam Theine Teashop is the agent of Betjeman & Barton. Based in Paris, France, Betjeman & Barton have been tea merchants since 1919. They offer black, perfumed, and herbal teas from around the world.   



Extract Shuttle

blob.pngLotus and Fish.Pure

This teashop, a time-honored brand, has also selected for use Zens' Extract . Shuttle series and its Lotus & Fish. Pure series. Even amidst a range of golden and red products on display, the simple and yet elegant Zens tea sets stand out as particularly unique items perfectly integrating themselves into the overall atmosphere.

Zens in New York

As a global fashionable metropolis, New York is the site where many world-class museums, art galleries and venues of performing arts competitions are located. To interpret people's reverie about New York, here is a quotation from the TV serials


@ Puerh Brooklyn Teashop 

Address: werner morath 174 Grand Street, Brooklyn NY 11211 USA


It was a passion for the shared experience of tea that prompted them to open the PB. Teashop on Grand Street in Williamsburg. They have teahouse standards from China, Japan, India, and Taiwan in addition to selections from more exotic tea locales like our Fair Trade certified South African Red Bush, Argentinian Yerba Mate, or their pure French Lavender.



Mobile Moon Portable

An owner-principal with a profound understanding of the tea culture certainly has a discerning eye in the selection of tea sets. The colored Mobile Moon Portable set, representing Zens' specially-designed travel tea sets, has been readily included in the utensils of the Puerh Brooklyn Teashop. When you see the bright colors of the set in the showcase at the end of some New York street, you will find it hard to resist the urge to bring it home!


In December 2015, Zens entered the online shopping mall Palais des thes, a famous French tea brand.


▲Initiated in Paris, Palais des thes is a brand with a history of 30 years and a total of 42 shops in France. Globally, it also operates more than 30 specialty stores in New York of the USA,  Paris of France, Tokyo of Japan, Italy and Norway.


In January 2016, Zens' classic products, including Refinement 1.0, Refinement Brightness, and Refinement Glass Storage Jar, got on the online shopping mall Wallpaper*.



▲ Wallpaper* is the most globally influential life-designing magazine brand. Launched in 1996, it shoulders the responsibility of determining the trend of life and delivering the latest information on design and is committed to promoting creativity and new thinking and changing the look of the world with its designing endeavors.