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How to be transcultural?
Release time: 08.25.2017

" All my design works are transcultural; they all show my respect for each brand or culture." - Michael Young

Michael Young, a leader in international design, is a European designer who has become the most authoritative figure in “China design”.

He chose ZENS because Products of ZENS cohere the founders and staff’s love for beauty, and their unique ideas on lifestyle design, which are also the two conditions necessary for a reliable brand, or it will descend to a common brand of the industry.

At the Maison&Object Paris Sep. 2017, Michael Young designed a new series based on bamboo. He used aluminum to realize his design in the past. Aluminum, as material, has its own advantages and disadvantages. It's nice for forging a series of cozy products. However, bamboo as material is flexible and has been used by people for a long time, which is the most attractive point to me. He can draw inspiration for his creation from its long history of development.

Go our booth at that time to enjoy those transcultural works.

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