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Good Design Is Always Associated with Delicacy and Comfort - ZENS in Michelin Restaurants and Classy Hotels
Release time: 01.16.2017

While Brazil was hosting the Summer Olympics in 2016, Zens noticed that in cities who won the opportunity to host the Olympic Games, Zens products could readily be found available.

With top quality, as well as unique and ingenious design, Zens' products have earned incredible popularity in famous hotels, restaurants and tea houses at home and abroad. All across the world, in places such as Beijing, Paris, Amsterdam, Maldives, and Jakarta, Zens has become the favorite of many.

Zens in Paris

As a celebrity once stated, "If you take a leisurely stroll in Paris, you may gain a completely new understanding of history, what is beautiful, and the meaning of life." Perhaps this was the reason the International Olympic Committee awarded Paris the right to host the modern Olympic Games as the second host city.

Paris hosted the Games in 1900, and, in 1924, the International Olympic Committee once again showed its preference to Paris, generously allowing it to be the first city in history to host the Olympic twice.

Paris, an Olympic city, that attaches equal importance to beauty and wisdom, was the first stop for Zens International, a dedicated fan of the diversity represented by the Olympic Games.


Fun-Gaining Tea Set for Afternoon Tea

This delightful tea set is representative of the entire collection of Zens tea sets as it serves to increase the serenity of afternoon tea. This fun, marble-shaped teapot is inspired by a beautiful Oriental style and contains all the components of the perfect tea set. Undoubtedly, this accounts for the fact that Maison Rostang, the Michelin-starred restaurant in Paris, has readily chosen to use this amazing tea set to serve their esteemed guests.  

Zens in Amsterdam

Holland boasts such unparalleled natural landscapes and cultural treasures as the huge canal network that offers lovely scenes and the Van Gogh Museum. At the same time, it can also tolerate the existence of red-light districts and marijuana. For a city, to encourage diversity falls exactly in line with the Olympic spirit that advocates mutual understanding, friendship, unity, and fair competition. In 1928, Amsterdam became a host city for the Ninth Summer Olympic Games. Zens'

close connections with the city can also date back to many years ago.


@Sofitel Legend The Grand

▲Adresse:Oudezijds Voorburgwal 197, 1012 EX, AMSTERDAM

In February 2015, three representative products of the Zens Collection officially began their service at the time-honored Sofitel Legend Hotel in Amsterdam. These popular products include the Elegance-Savoring Tea Set, the Wandering Tea Set, and the Refinement Time Coffee Set.

As a luxurious five-star hotel in Amsterdam, the Sofitel Legend enjoys great reputation for its long history and high prestige in the industry, attracting celebrities from countries all over the world.

It was also once used as the residence of the local royal family. With such a rich history and beautiful location, we appreciate the opportunity and feel honored to have our products be used as part of the services offered in this grand hotel.

Zens in Beijing

When mentioning the host cities of the Olympic Games, we cannot help but think of Beijing, the capital of our own country.

With a history dating back 3000 years and the capital of several Chinese dynasties, Beijing is home to magnificent imperial palaces, picturesque gardens, and expansive parks. It holds a numerous relics, ancient books, and records that represent the immeasurably valuable historical and cultural heritage of China.

In 2008, we were proud to host the Olympic Games and introduce more of the world to our great nation and the rich history and culture found within its border. This is the vision of Zens International. 

Beijing JW Wanhao Hotel


▲Address: No. 18, Xuanwu Gate Street, Xicheng District,  Beijing

June 2014 witnessed the grand opening of the Pearl River Delta JW Marriott Hotel in Beijing. The hotel restaurant uses the Zens ZK Party tableware, and all VIP rooms use the Zens Wandering Tea Sets.


In its dinnerware arrangement, the hotel exclusively uses the ZK-Party Tableware. This set comes from the Japanese design master, Masayuki Kurokawa, whose design brings out a feeling of artistic charm while guests enjoy a gourmet meal.

Zens in places beyond the former Olympics host cities

Zens is not only found in the most famous cities and capitals. We are reaching every corner of the world by making our products available to everyone who is interested in our products and our design philosophy.

Working diligently for so many years and traveling far and wide to serve our customers, the team at Zens is never deterred in their work to design products that improve the quality of life for people wherever and whenever possible.

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