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Enlightenment from Great Designers in Art Design

On December 11, 2010,  Mr. Johan Adam Linneballe, the renowned Danish brand image designing master and the chief advisor to the Guangzhou 2010 International Design Week, paid a visit to Zens’ household products showroom to carry out a series of in-depth strategic cooperation in coordination with the International Designers’ Association.

▲Johan Adam Linneballe graduated from the Royal Academy of Arts in Denmark. He has been referred to as the “Godfather of the International Design Expo” by the Danish media and the International Design Expo in their official written materials (INDEX:2005).


In December 2013, Francesco Lucchese, the Italian  certified architect and designer, injected international strength into Zens products, resulting in the ZF series of Lotus-Rice products, which help to remind people of the beautiful scenery of a lotus pond.

▲Francesco Lucchese is professor at the Polytechnic University of Milan in Italy, active in the academic exchanges and forums in Switzerland, Russia and China.


On March 26, 2014, Master Masayuki Kurokawa integrated some design prototypes into the design of tableware, thus creating for Zens a set of ZK tableware having the characteristics of “here and now”.

▲ Mr. Masayuki Kurokawa is known as the “Da Vinci” of the Japanese design circle and, in particular, he is a godfather-like figure who has opened up  a new era in Japanese architecture and industrial design.


On December 11, 2011, Michael Young, a celebrity in the international design circle, visited the Zens Home Furnishing and worked in passionate collaboration with the Zens’ designers in an effort to explore the design of household products.

▲ Michael Young received his education at the Department of Furniture and Product Design in Kingston University in London. His works have been collected by the Louvre Palace and the Pompidou Arts Center in France, the Die Neue Sammlung Gallery in Germany, and the London Design Museum in Britain.

Earlier in 2016, Michael Young became a design consultant to Zens and has so far designed a series of quietly elegant and cozily snug lamps and lanterns for it, giving the house an atmosphere of a pure and fresh bamboo grove full of lights and shadows.

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