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Meet ZENS Around the Corner

When Zens, a well-known name for everyday home utensils, advocates and promotes the wisdom of the Oriental life, it does...

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Good Design Is Always Associated

Good Design Is Always Associated with Delicacy and Comfort - ZENS in Michelin Restaurants and Classy Hotels While Brazil was...

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A Gift of Zen from ZENS

From March 24 to 27 in 2015, Mr. Jorg, Managing Director of Zens Europe, briefed His Excellency the Prime Minister...

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ZENS’s Environmentally-friendly Products

ZENS’s Environmentally-friendly Products for a Better Future The legendary designer, Dieter Rams, highly valued environmental friendliness, which he regarded as...

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Coming soon: ZENS’ Show in Paris

Want to see our products closely? Please visit our booth Hall at 5A-S38 on Jan.20th-24th, 2017 in Paris, can't wait to...

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Michael Young Interview

Q: As far as you’re concerned, as a brand of lifestyle products, what are the most unique features of ZENS?...

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Materials and Crafts Adopted in ZENS Products

Purple sand (Zisha), glass, pottery and porcelain, crafts involving the processing of bamboo and the dip dyeing used for bedding...

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Enlightenment from Great Designers in Art Design

On December 11, 2010,  Mr. Johan Adam Linneballe, the renowned Danish brand image designing master and the chief advisor to...

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ZENS and Environmental Responsibility

ZENS and Environmental Responsibility - Michael Young Collection While we hope that environmental responsibility is the mission of every company,...

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ZENS highlights a new collection

ZENS highlights a new collection by the designer Michael Young at Maison & Objet On September 8-12, 2017, for their...

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The Production Process of MY Lamps

As a designer, Michael Young was inspired by the natural scene of sunlight breaking through a bamboo grove. With the...

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Tea Frog: A companion for your tea set

Little known to those unfamiliar with tea culture is the playful role of animals that accompany most household tea sets....

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The Benefits of Mindfulness in Tea Drinking

Values are more important than ever. Over-consumption and convenience-based diets are common pitfalls to healthy habits, and the increasing pace...

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