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Who We Are

Established in 2009 with the design philosophy of Simplicity, Innovation, and Contemporary, ZENS Lifestyle creates houseware and decor that exemplify the traditions and culture of the East



ZENS explores human's subconscious, searches the hidden inspiration and design that fits for people's using habit and physical features.  People will have the sparking feeling of "that is it" when they get to know the design intention and the "little wisdom" behind.


We have been striving for the "maximization " and "utility" in design.  First, in order to avoid  the waste of raw material, we keep "simplicity" in mind in the process of design.  Secondly, we create every product based on its shape, size, line and material in order to maximize the utility.  And third, we make housewares which enable easy use and meet the consumer's needs.


Respecting traditional craftsmanship and production, ZENS designs convenient and easy-to-use housewares for different occasions.  Meanwhile, in the process of product design, development and production, including product improvement and new material research, we take user's INVOLVEMENT into it rather than we just do that on designer's own idea.

ZENS also focuses on spreading oriental lifestyle to the world and enriching the oriental wisdom with variety, and to open a window for different cultures background. ZENS has offices in Guangzhou, Beijing, Shanghai, Hongkong and Amsterdam, as well as experience stores an shop in shop in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Amsterdam, London, Brussels, etc.

ZENS has strong R & D capability, ZENS became one of the first demonstration units of industrial design enterprises Guangdong Province, ZENS is committed to providing  consumers with high quality products and Zens got  ISO9001 Quality System Certification issued by TUV Germany and SA8000 Social Appliance System Certification.

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