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Mr. Micheal Young the designer has been inspired by the natural scene of the sun shining on the bamboo and has, with the most concise design, epitomized the scene in this series of lamps.

The material used is the natural original bamboo produced in Anji, Zhejiang Province, which is reputed as the homeland of bamboo groves in China. In order to fit with the industrial accessories, the bamboo to be used for a lamp has to be hand-picked and very often only one piece in a thousand meets the requirements. To preserve its gentle and warm feel and growth marks, the original bamboo is treated in a fumigation process alone.

As far as glass lamp shades are concerned, the classic bell-shaped ones are molded by artificial blowing, with three colors of white, grey and pink to choose from. The dull polish on the glass surface has been created by means of acid pickling. Light from a thin fog is used to simulate warm sunlight, giving a touch of naturalness to the indoor lamps and adding to the pleasure of using them.

Paper lamp shades are made of eco-friendly Xuan Paper, a special kind of Chinese art paper. The fine texture of the paper adds to the naturalness and immaculateness of light. The processes of making the shades include modeling, thread winding, paper cutting by hand, and paper sticking, thus achieving an exquisite and uniform bonding position of 5mm for the shades. There are three colors, i.e., white, grey and pink, to choose from.

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