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Kurokawa Tableware

Kurokawa Tableware Series

In Oriental culture, the circle, which has no beginning or end, is a symbol of the ever present, complete and unassailable. Our Kurokwawa tableware set is based on circles tesalating together, coliding to form this dinnerware set in the shape of 3D spheres.

This dinner set consits of bowls, chopsticks, spoons and plates. The designer found materials from the sky and earth, the unverse, nature and architecture, constrcuting tablewares that integrate with nature and revealing the profound tradition of food culture. 

The flat ones are plates, while the deep ones are bowls. As the shape of ovalness differenciates, the different diameters and different depth holds different foods. These are tablewares that can hold any kind of foods in the world, the art of the east and the world can be spread through food culture.


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