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Masayuki Kurokawa

Masayuki Kurokawa is the only Japanese design master who has got involved in all different fields. He is renowned as “Leonardo da Vinci” from Tokyo, a godfather figure who initiated a new era of architecture and industrial molding design in Japan. His designs are concerned with such fields as architecture, block, interior, industry, furniture, products and so forth. He enjoys a lot of honors: Mainichi Design Prize, “Yearly Award” of Japan Association of Interior Designers, “Gold Award” of GOOD DESIGN, “IF Design Award”, “Lifetime Design Award” of G-MARK and so on.

He is the author of Eight Aesthetic Consciousness of Japan, ingeniously summarizing the taste and cultural origins of Japanese aesthetics with eight Chinese characters, i.e. micro, combine, air, space, secret, plain, fake, and broken.

His motto: Design is not created for others, but to identify one’s own existence and to pursue one’s own touching point. Design is similar to art rather than a service industry.


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