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Ju Bin

Ju Bin 

Product Design Consultant to ZENS 

Founder and Design Director of the HSD Horizontal Interiors Brand

Ju Bin has been dedicated to research on the application of Chinese culture to architectural space and the innovation in this respect, using individualized and unique visual language to express his philosophy of design and interpreting the elements of Chinese culture by means of completely new visual communication.

He derives the inspiration for his design from the commonality of, and the collision between, what is traditional and what is contemporary and pursues the essence of design from the intersection and harmony of art and life. He seeks ways from the combination of historic heritage and present though to show what is spiritually appealing for design culture. In his works, he has made use of the mutual fusion and co-existence of "contemporariness", "cultural property" and "artistry" as his language of design to realize his intended expression.

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